How to Live Your Life

How to Live Your Life

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Maia and friend at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center

Three years ago, I traveled to Thailand for an amazing elephant journey with musician Jami Sieber. Recently I was remembering that experience and came across a poem I wrote during that time. Thought you might enjoy it…

How to Live Your Life


Lampang, Thailand


Notice as much as you can.

Remember that your first glance is only of the surface.

Be in your body,

Feel pain, pleasure, movement, stillness, desire, aversion.

Listen to the rhythm within.

Resist the urge to categorize —

No exceptions.

Go one layer deeper

And realize there is yet more

Even then.




Feel sadness when it comes

Feel joy when it comes

Feel crazy when it comes

De-ranged, off the deep end.


Remember death

Behold birth

Live in transit.


Fall in love, over and over

Let your heart break, again and again.


Appreciate the sharpness of your mind

But do not be entranced by it.

Connection is, always, everything.


One glass of beer or wine is perfect.

Never pass the chance to share moonshine with mahouts*

Let the elephants tell you how to be,

Not what to do, but how to be.


* mahouts are the caretakers of the elephants in Thailand


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