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The Liberated Life Project is dedicated to liberation in all its forms. I think of The Liberated Life Project as a personal transformation blog for smart people with a social conscience… I’m guessing that’s you, since you found your way here. This is a place to find inspiration and practical tools to support four dimensions of your life:

And, because The Liberated Life Project isn’t only about personal growth, there’s a fifth dimension: making the world a better place – because I believe that our personal liberation is directly linked with the well-being of others. As we free ourselves, we are in a better position to help others become free from their suffering. It’s all connected.

There are almost five years worth of posts archived on this site. You can also connect and work with me beyond this digital abode.

I’ve also published a few series of articles –

The Liberating Power of Self-Awareness

Questions That Cultivate Freedom

Liberation-based Livelihood (How to Fall in Love with Your Work)


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