Online Programs

These programs are based on one of my core beliefs: Freedom is an inside job. That means we work from the “inside out,” using mindfulness-based practices to create a container for transformative learning. This approach will help you make shifts at a deeper level which can lead to new insights, breakthroughs, and positive change.


Waking Up BadgeWaking Up to Your Life
A highly individualized 12-week program that supports you to establish or deepen a contemplative practice. You’ll also learn how to apply that practice in a powerful way that helps you to have healthier relationships, more fulfilling work, and deeper engagement with our world. Usually offered in February/March/April and Sept/Oct/Nov each year.


llpbadge-2014Fall in Love with Your Work
This course is designed to help you get un-stuck in your professional life and create a “liberation-based livelihood.”

This program is currently in hibernation until 2018. My book Work That Matters based on this course will be published by Parallax Press in December 2017; an updated version of the course will be released after that.